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What to Expect During your Boudoir Session

I have a natural approach to shooting your boudoir session. I want your images to evoke sensuality and showcase your best features. Some clients prefer to come out in something more casual - the girl next door kind of look. While other people elect to have full hair and makeup in addition to coordinated lingerie sets. I believe that the best photos are those that show a glimpse of that flirty side, perhaps it is the way you bite your lip or the way you run your fingers through your hair when you're a bit nervous. The little things that make you - you. The things that your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife fell in love with you for.


Due to COVID, I have elected to let go of my personal studio and do boudoir sessions through events at local hotels. Boudoir events are fun because you get to have your session in an upscale hotel setting. Each participant has their private time slot with me. Hair and makeup can be schedule prior to your session and will take place at the Hair and Makeup artist's studio.

I also love being able to shoot a session in an environment that you are comfortable in. To shoot a session in your home, I need a bit of natural light and a clutter free space. Nothing fancy. If neither of these options fits your idea for a session, we can also do your boudoir session outdoors!

What to Wear

I don't provide clothing to wear as I believe that you are the best judge of what fits your body and how you feel the sexiest. I can give suggestions for online shops beyond the normal trip to Victoria's Secret.

Great items to bring are bra/panty sets, body suits, vintage lingerie, a sheer white shirt (think of a well loved or soft undershirt). Be sure that if you are bringing brand new wrinkled items that they are steamed so that creases aren't the focal point of the garment.

Don’t stress about your wardrobe though. At some point in the session, we will go with less clothing. I know it sounds scary but my sessions are always tasteful. Oftentimes I don't show more than what you can see with a bathing suit. Sexiness is often what you don’t show rather than what you do. ;-)

Shoes. Bring a variety of heels to pair with your outfits. It is best to bring shoes that aren't scuffed on the bottom. Please remove stickers from the bottoms of shoes prior to arriving.

Preparing for your Session

In the days preceding your session, you will need to drink plenty of water. My suggestion is 1 gallon a day. Your makeup will look better and your lips will look fuller. If you do any waxing, be sure to do it at least 2 days before your session. Get a pedicure. While you don't have to have your toes painted, you want your feet to look their best (no dirty soles of feet). 

On the day of your session, please arrive as ready as you can so as to maximize your shoot time. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing to avoid red impression lines on your skin. Eat something. You don’t have to eat a big meal but boudoir sessions do require some strength and energy to be able to hold positions. While your finished images will look beautiful and effortless, you may get tired during your session and possibly sore the next day. Be sure to wear lotion, but stay away from oily creams. Not only are they messy, but they create harsh highlight spots.
Tanning. This is a big one. I know you want the beautiful sun-kissed glow to your skin, but often times the color shows up as orange if doing a fake tan or red if using a tanning bed. Too much sun can make the skin look tired and change the healthy glow that is natural.

Release of Images

All images you see on this website have been used with permission from my clients.